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The Yellow Submarine


The International Boat Party Experience

Winner of: Vitra Design Museum Honourable Mention


Competition Jury Honourable Mention

"​The Yellow submarine, a 1960’s musical icon made famous by UK band ‘The Beatles’. Since 1970 this seafaring treasure has languished out of use. Recently discovered hibernating in a deserted section of Liverpool docks, the once celebrated symbol has been restored and pressed into use to serve a new generation as a unique international boat party experience, undertaking a new destinationless voyage that takes an unpredictable course around the worlds oceans. The ship attracts new audiences, desperate to capture a taste of assorted past musical trends in a continuous, non stop party atmosphere. Party goers leave behind their regular stagnating nightclub venue to step aboard the continuously travelling party ship for an unrestricted period of time. The voyage will take them around the world, open them up to new dance cultures and create chance relationships along the way. To achieve this atmosphere, the captain follows a contemporary navigational aid, a circular rotating map that allows fixed points to be moved, introducing an element of fate and chance as the map in spun. The result is an almost unpredictable route, and one that will encourage a diverse dance experience. Be sure to secure your tickets soon!"

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