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An annual competition run by NaCSBA (National Custom Self Build Association) in conjunction with Grand Designs.

Shortlisted Finalist + Exhibition at Grand Designs Live

"Design a quality home for young people looking for a way onto the property ladder. The versatile solution must be a minimum of 70sqm and be able to be constructed for under £50,000".

The concept involved the construction of a factory finished volumetric solution, combining a core of standardised accommodation (based on sizes provided within the London Housing Guide) with a selection of standard dimensionally coordinated room sized modules. Combing economies of scale with design flexibility, the system offers the opportunity for an additive architecture, building on a basic core dwelling to offer a broad range of conceivable house types, adaptable to the individual needs of each client and site. Below is a selection of possible volume combinations

The proposal utilizes the Ty Unnos construction system developed by a consortium of Welsh organisations. The system combines readily available standard sections of home grown Sitka spruce with simple manufacturing techniques, available from the existing timber and palette manufacturing industries, to deliver a range of engineered timber components. Developed and tested through the construction of a number of award winning buildings, the system offers a highly efficient prefabricated modern method of construction which can significantly reduce impact on site and build programme.

Download the Cost Report

Download the Design Report

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