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Discussion Street

"The Forum, once the center point of historic day to day life and a space rife with opinion, discussion and healthy debate. Over centuries this activity morphed into smaller, more personal moments, one of these being the family meal time. Once a valued ritual of coming together; experiences and sometimes problems were shared, and as such lessons could be learned and solutions found. 


As leisure time becomes even more of a valued commodity the frequency of these shared moments diminishes. In return, eating is conducted at the same pace as the rest of the day, usually on the move and at best in overcrowded and lonely cafes that only seem to continue the theme.


Unlike the rest stops currently available along Oxford Street, the proposal aims to insert the potential for a traditional family mealtime less discreetly into the modern urban fabric. Users will see this either as an unhelpful obstruction or more purposefully as a valuable opportunity for a worthwhile and more leisured discussion with those closest to themselves. Maybe once again the notion of the family forum will become everyday convention."

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